RTP Series

Features :

1.This truck is designed for low noise, low pollution and little effects on human life.

2.The machine is lighter in weight and is suitable for floors that accept less load.

3.The truck is simple operation and greater versatility which is suitable for working at narrow aisles.

4.Reach type of forks has no dead angle for handling of all type of pallets.

5.Infinite control of speed provide greater safety and gain speed steadily.

6.Micro-based battery charger helps to prolong the battery life.

7.The machine is painted with powder coating and is to prevent rust and corrosion.

8.Forks max. lift  height is 6000mm.



SM Series

Features :

1.We employ cold drawn high tensile steel lifting mast in order to increase stability, durability and lifting capacity.

2.The turning radius of 1350mm is small and is suitable for working at narrow aisles.

3.We use large sized castor wheel and tandem wheel for fork in order to increase stability in  bumpy floors.

4.Drive wheels including transmissions and controllers are imported from European, USA and Japanese reputable and reliable famous brand for highest quality and efficient operation with low maintenance cost.

5.This unit is low power consumption and battery used can either be EB class or  industrial type.

6.Standing platform is one of our standard features for easy operation.

7.Micro-based battery charger is used to prolong the battery life.

8.The machine is painted with powder coating which is to prevent rust and corrosion.


MiNi Series



VT Series

Features :

1.Pump and hydraulic pump plunger are of hard chrome plating and are durable.

2.The whole hydraulic pallet truck is made of high tensile steel  and use powder  coating for anti-rust.

3.The forks are strong and sturdy for handling all type of pallets.

4.Used of high quality bearing, PU wheels makes it easy for operation.

5.The key knuckles are used of high quality bushing with grease nipples  for easy operation and longer life span.



1.Tandem wheel for front forks.

2.For special low height

3.For wider fork space, longer or shorter forks.

4.Smallest turning radius = total length - 105mm.

5.changes of specifications will not be further informed.



TB Series

Features :

-  The surface of the table is made of high tensile steel together with rollers and

   roller bearing which is good for transporting molds, metal parts, painting,

   metal works and etc.

-  High quality, high efficiency and low price products.