VIMANA Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 and produced mainly various kind of battery powered pallet trucks and stackers to the high quality industrial demands. The machines which we made were an integration of new designs, innovations together with strong R&D to constantly update our products. As such, we have gained strong support from our users with good reputation  & trustworthy in this highly competitive of Taiwan market. In view of a success of our business philosophy, our market shares have been increased almost double every year and we become the top producer amongst many other makers in Taiwan.


      We are mainly concentrated on making of battery powered pallet trucks and stackers and we produce almost 100 units per month, which are made within the cover shaded factory of 3,000s.q.m. Our quality starts from design, so our aim was to minimize any chance of defects occurred during the process of production. We give our mechanics an idea of "As they are the buyer of the machine" as such, they will have to make perfect machines of high quality to meet the need of our customers.


     Our products when comparing to the European and Japanese, we are just as good as they are. In addition, we adopt an open style of design which is to allow one for easy repairs and maintenance, and as a matter of fact, this is the key point where all our competitors are unable to meet in this respect.


     The key components of the whole machine including the storage battery are from Europe and   U.S.A. For example, these are :

Drive units  -  BRINKMANN, Germany

                   -  C.F.R. Italy

Controllers -  CURTIS, U.S.A.

Relays    -  ALLBRIGHT, England

Batteries  -  VARTA, B.A.E., Germany

               -  OLDHAM, England.

               -  TORJAN, U.S.A.

     In view of the nature of application of the equipment, we choose the right components for the truck in order to minimize the cost and to increase the efficiency of the operation of the machine. We always look after our customer's pocket!


     For the past decade, we had been concentrating on the domestic market and from 2001 we plan to expand our sales to international market.  We look ward to work closely with our overseas buyers and agents for the development of the international market, whereby with a hope that all the peoples who are working with us will flourish together in the years to come!